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Hi, I'm Kristi Douglas


 Hi everyone! My name is Kristi Douglas and I’m running for an At-Large seat on our council to serve our community. I love Commerce City and I consider our people to be my Commerce City family. After years of involvement in our community while advocating for the people who call Commerce City home, I have come to recognize our great potential and how we can accomplish the unexpected. I have seen too many opportunists come into our city and take advantage. It’s time that comes to a grinding halt, and we independently take charge of our own destiny to thrive in a way only the resilient and innovative can! I am also running to give the people who have never had a chance to have their voices heard - a real seat at the table… because inclusion and empowerment will provide us with the real power we need for positive progress. I’m running to be a true Public Servant and a real breath of fresh air!

Our 3 biggest opportunities are:

The fact that we have an incredible amount of open space within our growth boundary to provide our community with a sustainable, healthy balance of residential, commercial, retail, and professional services. This is an opportunity not afforded to many, which means we must be wise in our decisions, carefully executing astute planning with only the best interests of our people in mind. This is a once in a life-time opportunity, which means we must get it right! Secondly, we must see both our location and our human resources as powerful assets. Third, but not least, we must recognize the potential of our youth and empower them through positive reinforcement to be the driving force behind a successful future.

Overcoming and Prevailing

Equality Meets Opportunity

Our 3 biggest challenges are to overcome the obvious efforts to gentrify our city; to move beyond our reputation as a polluted, industrial-only town; and to challenge the grip of the metro districts taxing people out of their homes and thus - the community, corporate developers, corporate polluters, HOA exploiters, and the influx of outside opportunists who are only here for personal benefit but disguised as patron saints. As it stands, the south-end of the city is under attack for gentrification and suffers from environmental racism, while the northend is headed toward becoming a bedroom community filled with hydro-fracked mega methane gas and oil extraction sites and a tangled massive web of gas pipelines and compressor stations. Now is the time to either stand up or knowingly hand-over our city to those who will never give it back once they stake their claim or will leave us with the damage after exiting with the spoils.

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