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Kristi Douglas is a longtime Colorado resident where she has raised her family and spent years fighting on the forefront against toxic corporate polluters in the Commerce City community. Kristi knows that the residents of Commerce City have been sacrificed in support of corporate interests. Kristi is running to be a small business champion, for racial and economic equity, and for a new green energy based economy.
She plans to fight corporate polluters’ violation of Commerce City residents’ rights to health, safety, and welfare. Kristi vows to listen to Commerce City residents and address their problems head on. She will implement policies and programs that prioritize small community owned and operated business over corporations and will protect people from further predatory practices implemented by large corporations by standing with unions.

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

Kristi is both honored and humbled to be endorsed by organizations that reflect values of integrity and equality.

United Food and Commercial Workers

Colorado Working Families Party

Colorado People's Action

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